After years in foster care, Liam and Nate finally have a forever home for the holidays.

At just three and six-years old, Liam and Nate have spent most of their lives in foster care. Like many children in the child welfare system, their journey to adoption came with heartbreaking losses and the fear of uncertainty.

That is until they were matched with Clint and Christine Eidukas, a Lakeland couple looking to become parents through adoption. It was a perfect match!

Together, the Eidukas family worked diligently with the Children’s Home Society of Florida’s (CHS) Adoptions team to help the boys feel safe and stable in their new environment – building trust and a strong relationship to serve each child’s unique needs.

As the family got closer, the boys began to find healthy coping skills to process the trauma of their past and look forward to a brighter future – one with hope.

In September 2021, Nate and Liam official joined their forever family as Eidukas.

At CHS, we are thankful this family will have the opportunity to celebrate the magic of the holidays together this year. And we are working to match more children with the right family to love them forever.

Right now, 15 children and teens throughout Greater Lakeland are still waiting, hoping and dreaming to be adopted.

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