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CHS leads the way in serving children and families involved in the child welfare system.

Just as important, we lead the way in changing how we serve children and families.

Protecting Kids: Dependency Case Management

Children unable to live safely at home find security, guidance and opportunity with CHS. Our first priority is always their safety and well-being, and our case managers are passionate about building bridges to success for children in foster care.

We also empower kids to realize their full potential by providing opportunities for counseling, tutoring and other educational activities, recreational activities, mentoring and more.

Are you a current foster parent with feedback to share with CHS? Complete this short form to let us know what’s on your mind! We read every single submission, and someone will respond to you soon.

Early Childhood Court

Our Early Childhood Court program is committed to helping families succeed. Our dedicated team of advocates, therapists, child welfare professionals and service providers work alongside the family’s case manager to help them achieve well-being and success. Keeping the child’s best interests at hand, the young child will either return home to their parents or begin their new journey to a forever family through adoption on an expedited timeline.

Protecting Kids: Foster Homes

We recruit, license and support loving foster families that provide stability and safety to children in the midst of uncertainty.

Learn more about becoming a foster parent.

Empowering Parents

When family challenges interfere with children’s safety, we work closely with parents to help them overcome the obstacles that brought them into the child welfare system.

We believe in their potential, and we empower them to build upon their strengths to complete the steps required to bring their children safely back home.


In some situations, children can never safely return home. When this occurs, we work diligently to find the right family ready to provide the forever home they’ve been waiting for.

Learn more about our adoption services. 

Independent Living

Teens in foster care prepare for the next stage of their lives by learning basic life skills such as budgeting, personal hygiene, how to find reliable transportation and housing, how to pursue educational and employment opportunities, and more.

Learn more about our independent living services

Innovation in action

Featured Foster Family: Martine Michel

Martine Michel may not have taken the route she intended, but she ended up exactly where she needed to be; a foster parent that has provided a loving and supportive home for 16 kids in the past two years. Martine initially wanted to start a group home. She said it has always been a passion […]

Read More

Featured Foster Family: Rose & Melanie Williams

Growing up in the foster care system, Rose Williams knew she wanted to give back to children in need. Her and her wife, Melanie, decided that the best way to do that was to become foster parents. “I always chose that I would always do better than the way that my parents were,” said Rose. […]

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Featured Foster Family: Berlyn and Elias Reese

Berlyn and Elias Reese have been providing a loving home for children in need since 1989. Their love for children is what inspired them to begin their fostering journey. After 60 kids, Berlyn lost count of how many they’ve had in their home and believes they’ve taken care of well over 100 children by now. […]

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