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Contact Us

Main Office

859 16th Place

Vero Beach, FL 32960

(772) 344-4020

Executive Director

Sabrina Barnes


Steve Ranieri

Administrative Supervisor

Glorimar Michael

Volunteers, gifts in-kind and community presentations & outreach

Julie Young

CHS Events in
Greater Treasure Coast

Community Partnership School Investment Campaign

March 1, 2022 - June 30, 2025

Event Details

Back-to-School Supply Drive

July 1, 2024 - August 31, 2024

Event Details

Services Offered


We’ve been bringing families together through adoption since 1902.

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For Parents

Kids don’t come with instruction manuals – and it can be overwhelming! But you can do this – and we’re here to support you. Learn more – complete this simple form and we’ll be in touch to serve you soon!

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If you’re struggling with your child’s challenging behaviors, you’re not alone – and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Through CINS/FINS, we’ll empower your child to positively build upon strengths, coach your family through tough topics and provide an additional layer of support.

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DJJ Prevention Program

Hope is not lost – you can change your life trajectory. Whether you have received a Civil Citation from law enforcement or have been arrested, the DJJ Prevention Program is here to help. Our DJJ Prevention Program provides kids and young adults involved with the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) with support, guidance, and access […]

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For Teens

Your future will be bright. We’re here to empower you to build the life you’ve dreamed of. If you’re at least 13 and in foster care, prepare for your future.

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WaveCREST Shelter

Are you looking for a temporary place to stay in the midst of crisis so you have a sense of security and access to basic necessities? WaveCREST is here for you. The WaveCREST Shelter serves as a short-term safe haven for children and teens.  Contact us at (772) 460-9752.

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Teen Life Choices

Partnering with schools in St Lucie and Indian River counties, Teen Life Choices (TLC) teaches students vital skills like safe dating, safe social media practices, budgeting and more, culminating in students taking home a life-like doll programed to act like a baby to teach teens what it’s like to be a sole provider for an […]

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Community Schools

Thousands of Florida students arrive to school each day with more than a backpack – they carry baggage beyond their years: hunger, homelessness, poverty, exposure to violence, mental health struggles, inadequate access to health care and more. They carry so much weight that they simply cannot focus on their education. Often times, these students and […]

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Child Protection Team

The Child Protection Team serves the entire family. While the focus is on the child’s health, safety and emotional well-being, we also understand that the healing process involves the whole family. Our team is sensitive to children’s physical and emotional pain and works closely with local officials to help ensure children’s safety and to connect […]

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Child Welfare

Just as important, we lead the way in changing how we serve children and families.

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Safe Place Shelters

Throughout St. Lucie, Martin, Indian River and Okeechobee counties, highly-visible yellow and black signs (as shown below) are displayed on the exterior of various businesses that comprise the network of Safe Place sites. This is where young people can go if they need help quickly.

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Local Board

  • Crystal Morris,  Co-Chair
    • Chief Executive Officer  & Culture Architect, One Caring Adult, Inc
  • Stephanie Womack, Co-Chair
    • Executive Recruiter Talent Acquisition, The Hershey Company
  • Joyania Hawthorne
    • Deputy Director of Parks, Recreation and Facilities,  St. Lucie County BOCC
  • Alexander Ralicki
    • Investment Advisor, Ralicki & Company, PA
  • Elizabeth  Sorensen
    • Real Estate Professorial, Dale Sorensen Real Estate, Inc.
  • Jerome  Stone
    • Attorney and Partner, Stone and Capobianco P.L.