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Empowering students to succeed in school and life

Thousands of Florida students arrive to school each day with more than a backpack – they carry baggage beyond their years: hunger, homelessness, poverty, exposure to violence, mental health struggles, inadequate health care and more. They carry so much weight that they simply cannot focus on their education.

Often times, these students and their families simply lack access to the opportunities their neighbors and peers may have. For these students, it’s not about raising the ceiling — it’s about raising the ground floor.


Through Community Partnership Schools, we offer:

No two Community Partnership Schools are exactly alike – each centers on unique community needs to allow students to focus on their education and future success. But all share a similar model – one with proven methods for accountability and outcomes.


How do we do it?

A partnership among Children’s Home Society of Florida, the University of Central Florida and Orange County Public Schools brought the successful Community Partnership School model to Florida. Florida’s first Community Partnership School – Evans Community Partnership School – officially opened at Evans High School in Orlando on October 13, 2012.

CHS is a core partner in 27 out of 36 Community Partnership Schools in Florida — more than any other entity in the state.

A 2021-2022 snapshot of Community Partnership Schools where CHS is a core partner


View Our Community Partnership Schools

Our Schools

Arthur & Polly Mays Conservatory of the Arts


C.A. Weis Elementary School


Caribbean K-8 Center


Daughtrey Elementary


Dodgertown Elementary

Vero Beach

Eccleston Elementary


Edward H. White High School


Endeavour Elementary School


Evans High School


Homestead Middle School


Howard W. Bishop Middle School


Jefferson County K-12


JFK Middle School

Riviera Beach

Jones High School


Keystone Heights Jr./Sr. High School

Keystone Heights

Lake Worth High School

Lake Worth

Manatee Elementary


Miami Southridge Sr. High


Mort Elementary School


OCPS Academic Center for Excellence


Orange Park High School

Orange Park

Parker Elementary

Pine Forest High School


Sabal Palm Elementary


South Woods Elementary School


The Webster School

St. Augustine

Wilkinson Junior High School


Community Partnership Schools: Transforming communities

Transforming lives, futures and communities

Innovation in action

Community Partnership School Supports Family in Crisis

In a matter of minutes, Maria and her 7 children were catapulted into crises. A devastating fire destroyed their home and nearly everything they owned. “We were left with nothing – we lost our home, we had nowhere to live.” The family of 8 was now facing homelessness and Maria – a single mom who […]

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From Surviving to Thriving: Removing Barriers to Learning through Healthcare

Maddie had no idea that she was fighting a potentially life-threatening ear infection when she was holding a water bottle against her ear during a test to soothe the pain.  But it caught her high school teacher’s attention enough to contact the community partnership school team. Within minutes, the Nurse Practitioner saw something was severely […]

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Changing Lives One Smile at a Time

After several years without health insurance, Brianna developed major dental issues, including severe tooth decay on 7 permanent teeth. Brianna lived with her grandmother and had very little resources to cover additional expenses or pay for healthcare. The pain and embarrassment Brianna was experiencing became so significant, she refused to speak at school. It impacted […]

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