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Thanks- Management


However you choose to get involved with CHS, we appreciate you!

When you get involved with CHS, you make a lasting impact on the lives of children and families. You help create positive policy changes, provide direct support and resources to those in need, and help foster strength, confidence, and opportunity for children and their families.

No action is too small — together, we will help children realize their full potential.

Create Change

Raise your voice or lend a hand to shape the future of your community

Advocate for CHS

Your Voice Matters! Join our advocacy efforts and create lasting change in your community! Our year-round advocacy and public policy efforts are focused on building safe, strong families and empowering ALL children to realize their full potential.

Advocate for CHS


Donate your time and change a life! Whether you have an hour a week or an hour a month, you can change the life trajectories of children right in your community. From mentoring and tutoring to planning special events or creating much-needed hygiene or baby kits, you will make a difference.


Empower a Child or Family

Contribute to a legacy of transformative change


Invest in the Future. Empower children today to create flourishing communities tomorrow. When you donate to CHS, you help children grow up in safe, strong, healthy homes and have brighter more stable futures. Every contribution, big or small, makes a meaningful impact.

Give Today

Make a Gift from our Wish Lists

Make a direct impact. In less than three minutes – with just a few clicks of your mouse – you can bring smiles and comfort to kids right in your community and contribute to the most urgent needs of children and families.

Make a gift from our Wish Lists

Be a GEM

You are invited to be a GEM! By giving every month, you can help children realize and reach their full potential. See the GOOD your monthly gift can do. It’s Easy, Flexible, & Efficient.

Give Monthly

Leave a Legacy

Your Savings, Your Legacy. Make a lasting impact on children and families with a planned gift through our Children’s Home Society of Florida Foundation. You can invest in the future of children in a wide variety of ways that align with your personal values and financial goals.

Learn more about Planned Giving

Connect and Inspire

Join our community! Engage, connect, like, and share the GOOD to create brighter futures for children and families

Drive the Mission Home

Drive the fight against child abuse — purchase the Stop Child Abuse specialty license plate. Proceeds from the plate directly benefit services provided by Children’s Home Society of Florida and the Florida Network of Children’s Advocacy Centers.

Purchase your license plate today


Join Us for Unforgettable Events. Your involvement directly contributes to counseling, early learning and school-based programs, child welfare and parental support services, and more, directly impacting the children and families in your community.

View upcoming events


raised through legislative advocacy efforts


volunteers donated their time to change lives

$1 into $4

when you give, we can turn $1 into $4 to help children and families

Continuing the Legacy: Our Gratitude and Support for CHS

“CHS is near and dear to both my and Merry Anne’s hearts.  As the beneficiary of CHS adoption services, Merry Anne recognizes and often reflects on the invaluable influence the organization had at her life’s onset. Together, we acknowledge the exponential impacts that CHS has had through the series of relationships and contributions she has made throughout life. From our perspectives, the recipients of this support did not halt with her or her proud parents, but stretched well beyond to life-long friends, a husband, and two wonderful boys. Therefore, we support CHS to show our appreciation and gratitude for the mission that has brought so much joy to us as well as the friends and family with whom we surround ourselves. More importantly, we support through active participation to ensure that our experience is replicated in the lives of others.”

Brian Crooke, Board Member, Volunteer and Donor