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Ready to make a difference? You're in the right place!

At CHS, we LOVE our volunteers! When you become part of our CHS family through volunteering, you make a direct impact on children’s lives.

We have lots of opportunities throughout the state, and we’re sure you’ll find one (or two … or 10!) that speaks to you. The majority of our volunteer opportunities are remote – so you can complete them when and where it’s convenient for you!

Of course, we also have some in-person options in certain communities, too. Those change frequently, so please be sure to create a Volunteer account with us so you can stay in the know! (Don’t forget to review ourVolunteer Handbook too!)

If you’re under age 18, we have LOTS of volunteer opportunities for you – please print our Volunteer Waiver and Release Form for Minors and upload a signed copy to your volunteer account when you register.

What can you expect when you volunteer?

  • Lots of variety in opportunities
  • Lots of ways to make life-changing, transformational impacts for kids
  • FUN!
  • Several ways to engage friends, family members, colleagues and groups, if so desired
  • Flexibility
  • Appreciation
  • You WILL make a difference!

Some popular opportunities include …

  • Create hygiene kits for kids ages 5-17
  • Create new baby bins for families welcoming home their infants
  • Create affirmation jars so our children, teens and new moms remember how special they are
  • Create “welcome home” housewarming packages for teens who are beginning life on their own after exiting foster care
  • Share tokens of appreciation with CHS team members helping kids every day
  • Sort and organize donations so our families can easily receive thoughtful contributions
  • Participate in “campus beautification” days
  • … and SO much more!

View all of our opportunities here, and be sure to create an account so you can take advantage of the many new opportunities as they arise!

Innovation in action

Expanding the GOOD and Strengthening Families through Advocacy

The 2024 legislative season brings new opportunities for our child advocates to continue CHS’s legacy of GOOD. Since our founding in 1902, our local and state leaders, advocates, team members and volunteers we have worked tirelessly to drive necessary policy changes and support the continuation of successful and effective programs that positively impact the lives […]

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Finding Peace and Confidence Through Counseling

Returning to school in-person after the pandemic was stressful for 9 year-old Trinity. Her panic attacks were overwhelming her at school and at home causing explosive meltdowns and unstoppable tears. Trinity’s mom, Tiffany, was determined to find the right support for her daughter to find peace. “She was struggling in every area,” said Tiffany. “It […]

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Florida advocate sounds alarm after state ranks third in human trafficking cases

PENSACOLA, Fla. — We’re about two weeks into the new year and a statewide organization is already sounding the alarm for human trafficking. Florida ranks #3 in human trafficking cases reported, according to the Florida Alliance to End Human Trafficking. WEAR News spoke with a local advocate who is urging everyone to be aware to […]

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