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Community Partnership Schools inspire momentum, opportunities and stronger communities.

Nearly half of Florida's kids live at or near poverty – and statistics try to paint a bleak outcome simply because of their ZIP codes.

By the very nature of living in poverty, these children are five times more likely to drop out of school, which can lead toward dangerous personal and societal outcomes.

Today, high school dropouts account for 80% of the prison population – this is a serious issue.

YOU can change that! You can provide opportunities for educational and lifetime success, breaking generational chains of poverty. Join the Community Partnership Schools movement and transform the future for generations.

The Solution

Through the Community Partnership Schools model, we’re turning odds into opportunities for impoverished and marginalized students.

Children’s Home Society of Florida – along with our co-founding and strategic partner the University of Central Florida – is helping reduce poverty in children through education by convening nearly 50 key partners, including school districts, health care centers, universities and more, to make 25-year+ commitments to address these critical issues affecting success – in the classroom and beyond.

Through this holistic approach, we can reach students, families and entire communities. When you join the movement, you can be the one to help a child move from poverty to prosperity … no matter their ZIP code.

Proven Impact

Increased Graduation Rates

Graduation rates have increased by an average of 30% statewide at our 7 high schools.

Increased Academic Achievements

89% of students participating in the Acceleration Program - a program to support students behind their peers academically - at Howard Bishop Middle, A Community Partnership School successfully completed middle school in two years and are back on track with their peers.

Decrease in Behavior Challenges

At C.A. Weis Elementary, A Community Partnership School, discipline referrals decreased by more than 90% and out-of-school suspensions by nearly 94% within just four years after adopting the model.

Get Involved


You can sponsor a student for just $0.96/day. Make your gift and start building brighter futures for Florida's kids today.

Sponsor a Student

Make a Gift-in-Kind

From hand sanitizer and reams of paper to school uniforms and shoelaces, gift-in-kind items can help students just when they need it most.

Make a Gift Today


We have several volunteer opportunities – including remote opportunities – for you, your family, and your group or business.

Learn More Here


Take action and use your voice to help secure funding and support for Community Partnership Schools.

Share Your Voice

Start Your Fundraiser

Start your fundraiser to sponsor a student, class, or entire school. Call on friends, family and colleagues to join your fundraiser to help Florida’s children.

Start Here

Become an Ambassador

Use your VOICE, influence and relationships to bring awareness and attention

Learn More Here

Join the CPS Investment Committee

Use your influence to spearhead funding and sponsorship for your local school

Learn More Here

Join Our Young Professionals Group

Join a group of local professionals under age 40 committed to growing awareness, attention and funding

Learn More Here

Empowering Florida’s students

Shawn, Community Partnership School Director at Wilkinson Jr. High in Jacksonville shares the importance of supporting students and their families each day.  When communities come together, GOOD can grow even further… a mission we’re passionate about expanding through our Community Partnership Schools™ model. What fuels you in your role every day? I’m fueled every day […]

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Spotlight On Community Solutions: Unlocking Potential through Mentoring, Outreach, & Job Training

Life can be tough – for all of us. For youth and adults who try to navigate life’s hurdles alone, it can be especially tough. That’s why we’re passionate about connecting youth with mentors, guidance and resources – so they know they’re not alone!  Through CHS’ many programs, youth can build skills and confidence as […]

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Through Quick Thinking and Collaboration, On-Campus Wellness Programs Help Students Thrive

Chris had a big test at school, but he couldn’t focus. He was experiencing extreme pain in his right ear making it impossible to concentrate. Chris’ Instructional Coach at Eccleston Elementary, a Community Partnership School, noticed something was severely wrong. Luckily, Chris attends a Community Partnership School where he has access to free, comprehensive health […]

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About Us

The Community Partnership Schools™ Model

Thousands of Florida students arrive to school each day with more than a backpack – they carry baggage beyond their years: hunger, homelessness, poverty, exposure to violence, mental health struggles, inadequate health care and more. They carry so much weight that they simply cannot focus on their education.

Often times, these students and their families simply lack access to the opportunities their neighbors and peers may have. For these students, it’s not about raising the ceiling — it’s about raising the ground floor.

Enter: the Community Partnership Schools™ model.

More About the Model & Its Impact

Children’s Home Society of Florida

Our goal at Children’s Home Society of Florida is to end the need for foster care as we know it by working with children and families before crises occur.

Did you know nearly 75% of children enter the foster care system because of neglect, which often stems from fixable family issues like poverty, addiction and domestic violence?

When we reach families before these challenges turn into crises, more families can remain safe, strong and together … and children in our communities will have more chances to thrive.

At CHS, everything we do is designed to empower children, families and individuals to find – and pursue – opportunities for success and happiness.

More About CHS