November is National Adoption Month – the perfect time to give thanks for adoptive families and shine a light on the children still waiting to find their forever homes.

Michael and Savanna recently finalized the adoption of their twins – making this their first holiday season as an official family of nine!

But this isn’t the first time Michael and Savanna have adopted.

With three biological children, Michael and Savanna knew they wanted to offer the love and support of a parent to more children. In 2016, they became a registered medical foster home on Florida’s treasure coast.

Ultimately, fostering lead to their first adoption with Children’s Home Society of Florida in 2019. And then another in 2020!

Despite the medical challenges some of their children face, the family enjoy making all of the classic, warm-fuzzy memories together including playing outside before bedtime, going to the beach, cuddling and more.

“We prioritize family dinner as we eat at the dinner table all together every single night. That is one of the staples of our time together,” said Michael.

With the addition of their two little ones, the holiday season is sure to be a little brighter this year.

“We are looking forward to taking the kids to go see snow in January, wearing matching pajamas and hanging embroidered stockings for each child,” said Savanna.

Michael and Savanna encourage more caring adults in their community to take steps toward becoming foster and adoptive parents to meet the needs of local children.

“There are more children than there are stable, loving homes,” said Savanna. “But each person brings us closer to solving this crisis.”

Right now, 32 children and teens on the Treasure Coast are waiting, hoping and dreaming to be adopted.

With 119-year legacy of creating forever families, the CHS team is committed to each family’s success – carefully matching families’ unique strengths with each child’s individual needs. CHS also provides training, counseling and guidance along the adoption journey.

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