Savatrie and Sal Forbes have opened their hearts and home to more than 70 children as registered medical foster parents in  Palm Beach County.

For nearly two decades, the couple have been caring for children with severe special needs including everything from breathing machines to feeding tubes and more.

When Seth – an infant with significant medical challenges – was placed in the Forbes’ home, Savatrie was told he would never walk or talk and his life expectancy was sadly dire.

Savatrie dedicated herself to Seth’s care with unyielding love and patience. Slowly, she saw Seth make small steps towards meeting developmental milestones. And even through struggles and setbacks, Savatrie and the little boy’s bond deepened.

In 2012, Savatrie and Sal officially adopted Seth – promising to love and care for him as a forever family.

Today, Seth is thriving – not only can he can walk and talk, but he loves to sing gospel and has far beyond exceeded every expectation that was set for him.

Seth Forbes

Savatrie continues to foster and raise awareness for foster care and adoption throughout her Palm Beach Community.

On November 19, 2021 Savatrie will be awarded the honor of Jim’s Sackett’s Adoption Advocate Award for her commitment to children and her work to inspire others to also grow their families through adoption.

Last year alone, Children’s Home Society of Florida helped finalize more than 150 adoptions in Palm Beach County. Today, 41 children and teens are still waiting, hoping and dreaming to be adopted.

With 119-year legacy of creating forever families, the CHS team is committed to each family’s success – carefully matching families’ unique strengths with each child’s individual needs. CHS also provides training, counseling and guidance along the adoption journey and even after the adoption is finalized.

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