For National Reunification Month, we want to shed light on the work and commitment  parents put into getting their children back home.

When children enter the child welfare system, the goal for CHS is to help families overcome challenges so they may bring their children home safely. Reunification is possible once a home is deemed safe enough for the child.

After 4 years, Jacqueline Perez was able to reunify with her 3 girls on June 10th. It took a while to get there, but she urges parents to never give up, no matter how long it takes.

“I was just looking at the big picture and it overwhelmed me because I felt like I was never going to get to that point,” said Jacqueline. “But once I looked at the baby steps, it all fell into place.”

When Jacqueline’s children were removed from her home, her life spiraled downwards. She got caught up in situations that led to more time away from her children. CHS is there to provide support and guidance for parents like Jacqueline to help them work on themselves in a judgement free environment.

Jacqueline worked with trained professionals like Sandi Denmark, who helped prepare her for reunification and ensure her children don’t re-enter the child welfare system.

“It’s been a blessing having Sandi in this process,” said Jacqueline. “When I had no one to turn to, I would call her crying and she would give me good advice.”

Since reunification, Jacqueline has enjoyed being with her kids again. Her next goal is to get a bigger place for her and her 3 girls to live in.