June is Home Safety Month and at Children’s Home Society of Florida we work to keep children and families safe both in and out of the home. You may never know what could be a risk, so it’s important that parents work to keep their children safe at home from a variety of items such as alcohol, medication, pools, stairs and more.

To help parents stay prepared, the National Security Education (NSE) Association created a guide to Home Safety for Kids that highlights the importance of home safety and tips and tools to help parents keep their kids safe each and every day.

Children of all ages are curious, as they are always learning and growing. The NSE Association guide states, “Children are resourceful, daring, and creative. They are natural-born explorers who perceive the world differently than adults do. That can lead to safety risks.” These risks include unforeseeable events such as trips, falls, choking, fire, poisoning and more.

We hope you find this guide helpful and insightful to keep you and your family safe.

Check out the Guide to Home Safety for Kids here.

*This information was provided by the NSE Association