For National Reunification Month, we want to recognize the people and efforts that help families stay together. It’s a celebration of the year-round work by parents, family members, social workers, and the community to reunify children with their families. At CHS, employees work closely with families to achieve the goal of reunification.

Employees like Sandi Denmark, who is dedicated to helping parents get the support and guidance they need to reunite with their children. Sandi has worked for CHS for 4 years and is currently the leader of the Parents as Partners support group.

Parents as Partners is a program offered at CHS that provides support and guidance for parents who are involved in the child welfare system and working to reunify with their children. Through this program, they work to prepare parents for reunification and to help ensure their children do not re-enter the child welfare system.

“The Parents as Partners Parent Support group gives me the chance to work with parents in a neutral way and really hear from parents how they feel and what ways the Department and Case Management can improve in working with families,” said Sandi.

Through this group, Sandi has helped parents like Misty Combee safely return their children back home. Misty credits Sandi with helping her realize she can get through the obstacles she was facing and get her children back.

“I think any parent struggling should really be in Sandi’s group,” said Misty. “She’s great.”

Sandi’s favorite part about her job is getting to work with families. She enjoys watching parents grow on their journey while providing them with support and guidance.

“There are many curves and bumps in the road, but with some support all parents can travel this road and achieve success,” said Sandi. “Every family has a journey.”

Reunification is a joint effort and employees like Sandi make it possible for parents to get the resources they need to reunite with their children.