“Silence is definitely different inside your home when your children are not there,” said Misty.

With June being National Reunification Month, we want to highlight all of the families who have overcome challenges to successfully bring their children back home safely.

Misty is one of those success stories. She had her 5 children removed from her home and was able to bring them back after 3 months and have her case closed after 6 months.

“I was very proactive,” said Misty. “I did whatever I had to to make sure I can get everything complete to bring my children home.”

It wasn’t always an easy road for Misty.  She had to let go of the negative influences in her life in order to create a safe environment for her children to return to. Misty didn’t have to go through this difficult time alone though. She worked closely with Sandi Denmark, a Dependency Specialist and Family/Team Conference Facilitator at CHS, who helped her realize that she was capable of getting through this.

“Sandi was there every step of the way,” said Misty. “Never once did I make a phone call to her that she did not answer.”

Misty also attended all of the Parents as Partners classes and continues to go to them to this day. The goal of the Parents as Partners Support group is to provide support and guidance for parents who are involved in the child welfare system and working to reunify with their children. Through this program, they work to prepare parents for reunification and to help ensure their children do not re-enter the child welfare system.

“It gives us a support group where you don’t feel like you’re being judged and can actually open up and talk about everything that’s going on,” said Misty.

The future looks bright for Misty and her family. She’s happy that things happened the way they did because  she’s now able to understand her children using the skills she learned from CHS.

“Life is amazing now that they’re home,” said Misty.