Leslie can’t remember when her eyesight changed, but school was becoming a blur. It wasn’t until her teachers noticed she was squinting in class when they connected her to the Community Partnership School team for support. Leslie received a free vision exam through the Vision is Priceless Program at Edward H. High, A Community Partnership School  along with over a hundred of her peers this school year. Leslie isn’t alone — 1 in 5 children have an undetected vision problem making it difficult to learn — and their education suffers as a result.

Because Leslie attends a Community Partnership School, she has access to free health and wellness services conveniently located on the school campus. Leslie received a new pair of glasses and with the support of her teachers and the Community Partnership School, her grades and confidence quickly improved.

“My vision is so much better than it was last year! It is so much easier to focus in school and get my work done,” said Leslie. With her future as clear as day, Leslie set her sights on graduation and finishing the school year strong.

By meeting  students’ basic needs and removing access barriers to learning, Community Partnership Schools are making a difference you can see! Learn more about the Community Partnership Schools movement and how you can join us to inspire educational and lifetime success for students here.