The joy of the holiday season is even more magical when you can experience it surrounded by the love of your family.

Sadly, for survivors of abuse, the holidays can often be scarred by memories of fear, violence and hopelessness.

When Kelsey – a young mom in Central Florida – came to Children’s Home Society of Florida, she had already experienced significant abuse, domestic violence and trauma. Kelsey’s daughter, Ava had been removed from her care and placed in a foster home for her safety.

Kelsey became determined to overcome her challenges and safely bring her daughter home.

With the support and guidance of CHS, Kelsey found the strength to leave her abuser and work towards full custody of Ava. She began to work through the trauma of her past and build a future for herself and her child – working stable jobs and creating a safe, loving home.

This year, Kelsey welcomed Ava home. Together, they are thriving and Kelsey is now in a happy, healthy relationship. In fact, she recently learned she is expecting another child and Ava will be a big sister!

CHS is tremendously proud of Kelsey for overcoming her challenges to find success and happiness. We are wishing their family a very happy holidays together.

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