The 2021 holiday season will be especially bright for the Edwards family as they spend it together as an official forever family.

Michael Edwards adopted siblings Neveah and Jayden from foster care earlier this year.

Like many children in foster care, Neveah and Jayden experienced heartbreak and uncertainty in their search for stability. They moved from home to home and after two failed adoption placements, the siblings began to lose hope – even acting out through challenging behaviors while trying to process their grief and trauma.

Sadly, as high as 25% of adoptions disrupt – sending children back into foster care.

While each child’s experience is unique, many factors can influence an adoption disruption including lack of parental support and training.

With Children’s Home Society of Florida’s (CHS) Comprehensive Adoptions Services (CAS) — our team of counselors work hand-in-hand with adoptive families to overcome challenges and successfully stay safe, strong and together.

When Michael saw his kids for the first time, he knew he was the family the children had been waiting for. Michael worked diligently to show the children trust and build a strong attachment and bond.

Kelly Trent, CHS CAS Counselor said, “This is what the children needed throughout their life and they didn’t have that until now.”

Neveah and Jayden began to flourish with their new dad and even when the road got bumpy, the family tackled each new challenge together – as a family does – with grace, understanding and a little help from the team at CHS.

At CHS, we are proud to be a part of the Edwards family’s story and their success. We are wishing them the happiest holiday together.

Last year alone, the CHS CAS team helped 100+ children and families to find stable footing along their adoption journey. For more information on this program visit the link below: