When April became a mom, she never dreamed her family could be wrapped up in the child welfare system. But without a positive parenting role model, April found herself repeating a cycle she herself endured as a child — and she knew she needed help.

With Children’s Home Society of Florida’s (CHS) Parents as Partners Support Group, April found the support and guidance she needed.

For parents engaged with the child welfare system, CHS’ Parents as Partners offers a space to learn important parenting skills, better understand child development, connect with other parents and so much more.

With April’s permission, we wanted to share a letter about her experience with CHS’ Parents as Partners and the program’s team leader, Sandi.

Dear Miss Sandi,

I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate you taking the time out to meet with us parents. It really means a lot to me and — as you may have noticed — even though my case is closed, I still like to attend. It’s because of you, Miss Sandi.

I wasn’t shown how to be a mother. My childhood was tragic — a lot of beatings from my Aunt and my Mother wasn’t here so my siblings and I were affected negatively. I vowed to never beat my kids but it is deep within and I didn’t realize.

So, when you guys introduced positive reinforcement and how tantrums can be a sign of communicating their feelings, those things showed me that it’s okay for kids to express themselves in negative and positive ways. Also things like the to-do charts and the different activities you guys introduced has helped me with the kids and has made parenting easier, organized and more enjoyable. So what I am saying is thank you for showing me how to be a mom.

<3 April

CHS believes no family should face the tough times alone. With support and encouragement, we can keep more families safe, strong and together.

For more information about the Parents as Partners Support Group visit here.