COVID-19 has changed the way we work and live over the last few weeks. These transitions can be difficult, but CHS Wellness is here to help YOU navigate our “new normal” until we can safely return to our offices and everyday life.

We’ve outlined a few tips to help you “do GOOD!” from home below:

Continue your routine
The easiest way to transition to remote work is to continue your everyday routines. Yes, that means don’t start your workday in PJs! It can be tempting, but you’ll feel and be so much more productive if you maintain your normal wake up time, wash your face, get dressed, eat breakfast, etc.

Further, take time to step away from your computer during your lunch break, and end your workday at your normal hour. It can be easy to work into the night since you’re already home, but maintaining work/life balance during this period of remote work is essential!

Create your work spot
When setting aside your area for a dedicated ‘office,’ consider the following:

  • What tasks will you be completing? If you have several phone calls on your usual “to do” list, try and pick somewhere quiet and free of noisy distractions.
  • Close the door. If you can, find an area with a door for you to close. It can signal to your kids and/or roommates that you’re busy and working. It also helps create a divide between your ‘work’ life and your ‘home’ life, even if you’re physically in the same place.
  • Consider your light. Don’t sit with the window behind you while video chatting, as it can wash you out and cause too much backlight!

Protect your electronics
To protect your electronics from sudden surges in your home’s electric system, use a surge protector.

Eat as you would at the office
Don’t dive into the chips and secret chocolate just because you don’t have your cubicle neighbor watching you currently! Sugar highs and endless snacking will lead you to big lows and afternoon drag. What you eat will impact your mood and energy levels, so maintain your usual selections as you would if you were working from the office.

Set office hours
Work the same hours you would if you were working from the office. Sleeping in may feel nice, but working until midnight to complete your to-do list can be counterproductive.

  • TIP: Make sure you’re clear about ‘logging off’ and give yourself an evening routine. Whether that means doing a daily yoga routine on YouTube or cooking dinner, it’s important to take a hard shift mentally after your workday is done.

Schedule breaks
It’s important to build breaks into your schedule while working from home. Take a walk, but be sure to still practice social distancing, enjoy a short board game with your kids or simply sit in silence for an early afternoon refresh.

Move, move, move
When you work from home, especially during a pandemic like COVID-19, it can be days and days… maybe weeks and weeks…before you can officially leave your house or neighborhood. It’s important to remain active for the sake of your mental (and physical!) health during this period of remote work. Remember, endorphins make you happy and can help alleviate the stress you may be experiencing!

  • TIP: Our next “Doing GOOD from home” post will share a few exercises you can complete in your living room, so stay tuned!

Working alone can be hard… especially if you’re used to having a lot of people around. We encourage you to check in on your fellow team members by sending a quick Skype message, or chat via video if you have to chat something through or want to catch up over lunch.  Doing so will help prevent feelings of loneliness or disconnect.

If you’re sick, log-off and use your sick time!
Whether you’re feeling under the weather or in need of a mental health day, your sick hours are here for you. As a reminder, keep your supervisor in the loop and follow our protocol for “what if I think I’m sick” in our COVID-19 FAQ if you think you may have contracted the virus.

What if I have kids in the house?
Schools in Florida will be closed until at least April 15, leaving many of you working alongside your kiddos and teens, while also becoming their teacher from home.

  • TIP: We’re here to help you navigate this time in your family’s life! Stay tuned: our next “Doing GOOD from home” post will highlight a few tips to help you (& your kids!) succeed this spring.