Tina, a 26-year-old single mother of five, was in the depths of despair, looking for a light to help guide her and her children to a better place after facing setback after setback. Fortunately, Tina found hope, support and guidance through Children’s Home Society of Florida’s Wraparound (WRAP) program.

After spending her childhood in the foster care system, Tina knew all too well the challenges a young mother faced. She was committed to giving her children the best life she possibly could and being the best mom she could be. However, last year, she found herself struggling to financially support her family.

Tina’s challenges mounted when her childcare fell through, resulting in her no longer able to work. And without support from family or the children’s father, she wasn’t sure how she would continue to care for her children. Fortunately, she learned about CHS WRAP and how it could help her in her time of need.

Once connected with WRAP, Tina worked with CHS team members to identify her family’s needs and goals through an initial assessment. Without this critical step, it would have been difficult for her to overcome the struggles or be provided with the tools she needed to succeed as a mom.

With a clear picture before her, Tina began taking small steps to improve the safety and stability of her family. WRAP even helped her navigate situations like applying for Social Security Disability Assistance for one of her children. In addition, CHS worked with the Department of Children and Families (DCF) to obtain a daycare voucher for her and helped Tina identify a family member who was able to pick the children up daily and care for them until Tina got off work.

WRAP helped Tina build a strong foundation and provided her with support and guidance to meet her goals.

With WRAP providing a guiding light, Tina overcame so many barriers and was even able to find full-time employment at a call center. After working with WRAP for several months, Tina felt stable and confident in her ability to give her family the life she had hoped for them. They moved into a bigger home, more suited for the family of six. For the first time, Tina believed in herself and in her ability to live a life with her children free from the worry of basic needs and support. Her light had been found.

Tina’s story is just one of many that illustrate the impact WRAP has on families throughout Western Florida. CHS WRAP team members partner with and support families how and where they need it most, providing guidance and a light when life seems at its darkest.

“I love this program and my worker is amazing.”

 “I love ya’ll’s work, thank you for helping me.”

 “My CHS worker went above and beyond at all times to help my family and me in our time of need. This is a great program.”

These are just a few of the amazing comments families have shared about the impact of WRAP. Without this program families, may not feel like they can succeed, like they will fail, like their family’s needs will not be met, and ultimately, like they can no longer be a family.  Wraparound clients come to us not knowing where to look next in a complete roadblock, and that is where WRAP steps in.

The goal of Wraparound is simple: Keep families together and supported. With WRAP, CHS walks beside those families who are experiencing their darkest days, helping them get back up, and providing them with support to move forward in a new, positive direction. Shining the light to a new path.

A closer look into WRAP:

WRAP Services is a team-based approach that focuses on the client’s voice and choice. With the goal of keeping families together and preventing further involvement in the child welfare system, WRAP steps in for that support in many ways. Cases are referred from the Department of Children and Families (DCF) after an abuse report is received regarding the family. This service is available to both children (ages 0-17) and parents and is offered by CHS in Escambia County in partnership with Families First Network. In order for a family to qualify, they must be assessed by DCF as a high or very high-risk family but the children in the home are deemed to be safe.

Two of the key WRAP services are: meeting at least weekly in-home with case workers to identify goals, needs, and barriers and Family Team Conferences held every 4-6 weeks which bring those involved together to focus on the strengths of the family. WRAP wants to ensure that families are kept together and both children and parents are supported. That support ultimately leads to strong families and individuals.