“I am blessed to be in the program [Healthy Families]. They saved my family and my life. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be with my son or have my family right now.”

In honor of Father’s Day, we’re celebrating the fathers and father figures in our lives. From being a guiding light every day, to continuous support and selfless love, we know the bond of a father figure and child is like no other.

One incredible story is of a father and son bond is of Daniel and his son Thomas. Daniel is an example of wanting the best for his son and stopping at nothing to keep that bond strong and growing. With our Healthy Families team by Daniel’s side and partnering with him, he has built a healthy, meaningful and incredible relationship with Thomas.

The video above showcases both how Healthy Families helped Daniel and Thomas and how being a father or father figure is a blessing every day. Learn more about Healthy Families here.