November is National Adoption Month – the perfect time to shine a light on adoptive families and their journey.

Anna was adopted through CHS in 1962. Today she is a mother of four, piano teacher and performer. She says she owes this all to her adoptive parents who raised her and her biological mother who chose to give her a better life.

“I love CHS so much because that’s where I found my home,” said Anna.

For Anna, her adoptive family is her family, but she was still curious about where she came from. At the age of 28, she found her birth mother. Seeing her brought Anna the closure she needed. They still have a relationship today and Anna even calls her “mom” or “mimi”.

“For myself, as an adult in marriage we have four children and I never want to give my kids up, so I can’t imagine what my mom went through and the torture of making that decision,” said Anna.

Anna’s biological mother told Anna her goal was to give her a better life, and that she did. Although she didn’t get the chance to have the experience of parenting with Anna, now she gets to experience it through her grandkids and great-grandkids.

According to Anna, it’s normal to feel a multitude of feelings and emotions as an adoptee.  She understands what it’s like to wrestle with identity and says that no one’s journey is the same.

“Some people I’ve met in my journey have no interest in finding their birth parent and that’s okay too, I get that too,” said Anna.

Anna is grateful for her journey.  Her adoptive parents, biological mother and Christianity helped her find her identity and assured her that she was wanted.

“I got loved all kinds of ways,” said Anna.