5 fun facts about Andry Sweet:

1.) We know she isn’t afraid of a challenge. Andry went tandem skydiving to overcome her fear of heights. It’s clear to see that there isn’t a hurdle in her way she won’t conquer on behalf of the kiddos in our care or her team members doing good on the front lines.

2.) Andry understands the challenges and intricacies of life on the front lines, because she started her career right there a few decades ago. Serving as a Targeted Case Manager, she helped children with serious emotional disorders find stability.

3.) She helped shape the children’s mental health system in Central Florida in the 90s. A part of the team that piloted the new system, she helped develop a ‘wraparound care’ model that was later codified in statute in the Children’s Mental Health Act.

4.) In their free-time, Andry and her husband John enjoy laughing at their pets—a warm-hearted Australian Shepherd, Max and an alpha-male tabby cat, Simba.

5.) Andry’s favorite part of her work is finding new ways to support those in the field. She has traveled across the state shadowing the CHS front line workforce in search of innovative ways to create systems and help them manage their workload better.