Are you a high school student looking to volunteer? Do you need community service hours? Children’s Home Society of Florida has opportunities for you! Whether you have an hour a week or a few hours each month, here are five volunteer opportunities for you.

Create Positive Affirmation Jars for Kids 💌

Negative thinking patterns can start early in life and affect how a child sees themselves and copes with challenges. Help kids build self-esteem and fight self-sabotaging emotions by creating positive affirmation jars.

How to get started: Gather the necessary supplies – jar, blank index cards, colored pencils or markers. Write affirmations on index cards and decorate with colored pencils and markers. Fill the jar with affirmations. Contact your local CHS office or to coordinate delivery.

Possible affirmations include:

  • “I can do great things.”
  • “My body is strong.”
  • “Mistakes are how I grow.”
  • “I am an amazing person.”
  • “I can do hard things.”
  • “It’s okay to ask for help.”
  • “Today is a going to be a great day.”

Positive Affirmation Jar Overview

Estimated hours: 3

Host a Supply Drive 📦

Many kiddos living in low income and under-resourced neighborhoods lack access to some of our most basic necessities. Make a difference in the lives of children and families in your area by hosting one of the below supply drives with your friends, school or organization. Supplies will be shared with local kids in need.

How to get started: Choose one of these three most impactful drives and share the list of supplies needed within your network. Designate a location and timeframe for items to be collected. All materials must be in new condition. Once your supply drive is complete, contact your local CHS office or to coordinate delivery.

Possible Supply Drives:

Estimated hours: 10-15

Sort Donations at your Local CHS Office 👚

An extra pair of hands makes a huge difference! From sorting school supplies to organizing holiday toys, CHS offices across the state utilize volunteers to make sure resources get to families in need.

How to get started: Contact for available opportunities in your area. No experience is needed. There will be onsite training and support throughout the volunteer activity.

Estimated hours: 5-10

Make Resource Kits 🍼

Whether you want to volunteer as an individual or organize a group of friends, resource kits are a fun, flexible project that allows you to make a difference in the lives of children. You pick the activity, location and timeline.

How to get started: Ranging from hygiene kits to new baby bins to family fun night boxes, each community has unique needs to help local families. Visit the CHS volunteer website for available activities in your area.

Once you have selected a project, purchase the items on the materials list or organize a supply drive within your neighborhood, school or organization. Materials must be in new condition. Gather a group of friends to assemble individual kits. CHS team members will share the pre-assembled packages based on the greatest need of the clients they serve. When you’re ready to drop-off the kits, reach out to the CHS team member listed as the project contact.

Estimated hours: 5-10

Lend a hand with Campus Beautification Projects 🧹

CHS needs volunteers to help keep campuses in the best shape possible for children and families who come to us for services. Activities can include raking leaves, cleaning flower beds, trimming trees, and picking up other debris around campus.

How to get started: Contact for available opportunities in your area.

Estimated hours: 3-5