When you’re a new parent, it can be overwhelming, confusing and, sometimes a bit scary. Catherine related to these feelings because she was an expecting mother dealing with a lot of life changes all at once.

“My husband and I found out we were pregnant weeks after leaving the military. We came to a quick realization that not only were we starting a new chapter in our lives in a new state but we were also first-time parents and we were very nervous,” said Catherine.

This is when she turned to Healthy Families, a CHS program for expecting parents or those with an infant younger than 3 months. In the comfort of their own home, our professional and compassionate home visitors work with parents to overcome stress, build healthy routines, and gain access to the resources they need.

“My Healthy Families worker soothed my anxieties within the first visit,” said Catherine. “When I found out she would be working with us consistently for the first years of my daughter’s life, I felt like I had a safety net and stronger support system.”

Home visitors will help you understand your child’s growth and development, guide you to help your child meet developmental milestones, teach you positive parenting skills, and so much more. They’ll be your coach and champion as you help your children realize their full potential.

Catherine says her home visitor made her feel more confident as a mother. She ensures her mental health is okay and reminds her to take care of herself.

“I truly appreciate this program ensuring that my family stays safe and healthy,” said Catherine. “I know I would not be the mother I am today without the program and my Healthy Families worker’s help.”

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