After struggling at home and in the classroom with disruptive and poor behavior, seven-year-old Amy found hope and support working with an integrated team at CHS.

Amy’s actions became more and more worrisome as she escalated to dangerous behaviors in an effort to gain attention from others. She struggled to control her emotions, leading to aggressive outbursts and property destruction. Amy’s disruptive behavior at school also led to her expulsion.

The disruptions and outbursts continued at home, too. Amy wasn’t getting along with her brother, which put a strain not only on their relationship but the whole family as well.

Amy found hope and healing with CHS

When children need help it can be challenging, exhausting and overwhelming. But with CHS’ Family Services Planning Team (FSPT), kids and families like Amy’s receive guidance and access to critical services for help.

When Amy and her family were connected with her FSPT team, they completed initial assessments together to identify needs and goals for Amy. These assessments allowed CHS team members to understand how they can provide the most comprehensive and appropriate support to Amy. Also, the assessment allowed the team to learn about Amy’s interests and how they can work with her to help build stronger personal, life and family skills.

Through conversations with Amy and her family during the assessment, the team determined that a social activity (in additional to ongoing Targeted Case Management services) would provide Amy with an activity that could help her calm her stress and anxiety, what ultimately led to her outbursts.

Amy had expressed interest in dancing, so the FSPT arranged for her to participate in dance classes. The dance class allowed Amy time to herself and was a therapeutic way to distress and redirect some of the emotions that were causing her to act out.. All the while, CHS team members continued to work with her family to ensure that the services were the right fit, comfortable and ultimately, successful for Amy and her family. And they were.

“Amy has improved tremendously since finding this outlet through dance. I can’t thank the CHS team enough for making this possible,” Amy’s mom shared.

Now, Amy is a doing wonderfully both at home and at school. At home, she is getting along better with her little brother and not acting up as often. There is more harmony and calm within the family, too. At school, Amy has improved her behavior and even comes home daily with better reports from her teachers. She continues to receive counseling at home and school.

The mom said her child has improved tremendously overall and would like to personally thank everyone who played a part in making this happen.

*Client’s name has been changed