In a matter of minutes, Maria and her 7 children were catapulted into crises. A devastating fire destroyed their home and nearly everything they owned.

“We were left with nothing – we lost our home, we had nowhere to live.”

The family of 8 was now facing homelessness and Maria – a single mom who worked hard to provide for her children – didn’t know where to turn after losing the life she proudly built.

Thanks to the Community Partnership Schools™ model at Endeavour Elementary, Maria and her family found immediate support. They found safety and hope with temporary housing, nutritious meals, clothing and hygiene products.

Maria even received help filling out applications for rental assistance programs, renewing her driver’s license and opening a bank account. The community partnership school brought in additional community support to sponsor a hotel room indefinitely, until Maria and her family could find a permanent home.

Within three weeks, Maria applied for residency and was approved. The community partnership school team collected furniture, mattresses household and hygiene items to ensure Maria and her children moved into a fully-furnished home.

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