After several years without health insurance, Brianna developed major dental issues, including severe tooth decay on 7 permanent teeth. Brianna lived with her grandmother and had very little resources to cover additional expenses or pay for healthcare. The pain and embarrassment Brianna was experiencing became so significant, she refused to speak at school. It impacted her self-esteem and her ability to eat well, sleep well, and pay attention in class and at home.

But with the community partnership school at Orange Park High, Brianna was able to receive over $4,000 of dental care – at no cost to her – through a partnership with Dental Plus. With the help of the community partnership school team, Dental Plus expedited Brianna’s appointments and worked long hours to meet her goal of a new smile by graduation.

Brianna isn’t alone – 6 students attending the community partnership school received root canals, crowns, fillings and deep cleanings last year – all for free.

With soaring self-confidence, Brianna’s focus improved, she became an attentive student eager to participate and she graduated on time with a bright, new smile.

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