Summertime offers families more time to bond, play and enjoy all the sunshine state has to offer. Children’s Home Society of Florida reminds parents to exercise caution with sun, heat and water exposure during these months.

Here are some important tips to keeping infants, children, teens and all safe while temperatures rise and summer sets in:

  1. Stay hydrated. Staying hydrated can help protect children from heat stroke and seizure. Be alert for signs of heat-related illnesses including dizziness, nausea, fatigue and dry lips.
  2. Always wear sunscreen and reapply. Children are more vulnerable to sun damage – wear sunscreen and reapply as needed, find shade when you can and cover up with light or sun-protective clothing to avoid heat and sun burn.
  3. Stay safe and watch others around water. Always, always, always watch children around water. Florida offers a variety of fun summer water activities with pools, lakes and oceans, but in addition to outdoor water safety caregivers should keep a vigil eye on in-home hazards like bath tubs, buckets and toilets. Children under 3-years old can fall headfirst into water and lack the strength to pull themselves out.
  4. Find shade when available. It’s important to find shade when you are around the sun. UV rays are strongest and most harmful midday so it’s best to plan your day around the time of day and location. Plan indoor activities when possible and seek shade when outside under a tree, an umbrella, or a pop-up tent.
  5. Keep summer activities safe. While enjoying summer activities, such as riding a bike and playground time, are great for a child’s development, please remember to stay safe while out and about. Be sure that bike helmets fit well, be cautious while at playgrounds and ensure everyone is properly buckled in a car seat, booster seat, or seat belts in cars.

Children’s Home Society of Florida believes parents and caregivers are children’s greatest resources. We hope these tips help you and your family stay safe, healthy and happy this summer. Below you will find a helpful graphic to keep these reminders handy.

Stay safe this summer