“The [Simply Amazing] art boxes bring so much joy to children. It’s a great way to have parents bond with their children and also helps them work on developmental milestones along the way,” a CHS Healthy Families team member shares. “It’s fantastic to be able to provide all the materials a family needs to work on an art project, as many don’t have the means to purchase supplies. These boxes help us get art into homes of children who may not otherwise get the opportunity.” Since launching in 2019, Simply Amazing has partnered with Children’s Home Society of Florida to create and donate craft boxes to be distributed to children and families throughout Central Florida and beyond.

Each craft box consists of arts and crafts supplies and the necessary tools to complete a variety of projects families can do together. Since 2019, more than 1,000 kits and bags have been donated, allowing hundreds of families the opportunity to get creative and use their imaginations to create art together. These bags are shared with our CHS Healthy Families and Counseling teams to share with families they’re partnering with.

The Simply Amazing kits provide a meaningful and fun way for parents to join in the fun with their children. One CHS Healthy Families mom shares, “My son loves to do arts and crafts and the packs were great because they had everything we needed included, so I didn’t have to buy anything else. He really loved coloring and making puppets too. His pictures are hanging all over our house and he smiles with pride every time he sees what he made.”

This partnership is nothing short of amazing. We appreciate the time and kits Simply Amazing has donated to bring families closer and help keep them safe, strong and together, all while having fun and being creative!