Hurricane Preparedness - Infographic

It is officially hurricane season! It is extremely important to stay prepared and informed during this time of year. Our Children’s Home Society of Florida Hurricane Preparedness webpage has key information available to you at all times. Below you will find some key reminders for you and your family. To read the full story on each of these visit the page here.

  • Talk with children about hurricane season:
    • It is important that your kids know the seriousness of a hurricane. They may be scared and worried so teaching them what can happen before and after a storm will help prepare them so they feel more comfortable when storms approach.
  • Stay up to date on key evacuation information and know your state emergency response team:
    • Visit here for your latest evacuation information.
    • Visit here for statewide evacuation information and local management information
  • Have all of your plans ready:
    • As mentioned in the visual above, ensure you have a plan ready for your family, supplies, pets, and other key information.
  • Know what to do before, during and after the storm. We have shared a snippet of information on each of these times and it is important to and read more in the links provided below.
    • Before: During a hurricane watch(24-48 hours to landfall), all CHS facilities will be secured and any final preparation will be completed. Emergency supplies, food and water are to be distributed to residential programs as needed at this time. Continue reading here.
    • During: During a hurricane warning (12-24 hours to landfall), residential team members will prepare clients to stay in facilities or evacuate a facility as appropriate. Team members will assist in preparation activities as directed or needed. Continue reading here.
    • After: Immediately following the storm, team members will verify that all residential clients and team members are safe and secure and as soon as it is safe to do so will begin damage assessment. Continue reading here.

Visit our Emergency Preparedness website page for all key information here.