“Counseling has helped me a lot. Its like all the rainy cloud above my head disappeared and its all sunshine now.”

Sadie, a senior at one of our community partnership schools, was struggling so much in class that she was risking graduation. Her anxiety – primarily rooted in strained family relationships – was on overdrive and began to affect every area of her life, especially school.

And then Sadie reached out for help at the hub of her community partnership school. She and her family were soon connected to life-changing support to help navigate the issues and dynamics of everyday life. A CHS counselor began working with Sadie and even made home visits to support the entire family.

After working with her counselor, Sadie’s mood began to shift, she became happier, her focus improved … her GPA improved and she is showing tremendous progress in all classes. Sadie has a better relationship with her parents and is on track to graduate, excited for her future. “I am very grateful I received counseling,” said Sadie. “It honestly saved me and changed my life.”

1 in 10 kids have a mental health challenge severe enough to impair how they function at home, school or in the community. CHS is helping students develop health coping skills and expanding mental health services for students and families through Community Partnership Schools.

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