Berlyn and Elias Reese have been providing a loving home for children in need since 1989.
Their love for children is what inspired them to begin their fostering journey. After 60 kids, Berlyn lost count of how many they’ve had in their home and believes they’ve taken care of well over 100 children by now.

“I never had kids and I always loved kids since I was a child and I just loved taking care of them,” said Berlyn.

Foster parents like the Reeses provide stability, hope, and structure to children in the midst of uncertainty.

If there’s one thing that Berlyn has learned through her experience with fostering, it’s that you have to have patience and love for the kids. “Each child is different. Every child coming into your home is not gonna be the same and you just have to want to do it,” said Berlyn.

The Reeses took a 90 day training to become a Medically Needy licensed foster home. This means that they provide care to children who have special medical needs. These children typically have more doctors’ appointments and require medication management or other specialized in-home care.

Taking care of kids comes naturally to the Reeses. Berlyn says it’s easy for her to deal with all of the different personalities because all the kids really need is love and understanding. “You have to sit down with them and show them that somebody cares,” said Berlyn.

Foster parents have a very special place in the lives of the children who find safety in their home. Foster care is meant to be temporary. The ultimate goal is to get the children in a safe and loving forever home.

She advises anyone who loves kids to consider fostering. Berlyn and Elias have enjoyed providing a caring and loving home for children for the past 33 years. It has taught them that there are kids out there that need so much and they’re more than happy to open their hearts and their homes to meet these children’s needs.

In honor of National Foster Care Month, Children’s Home Society of Florida aims to recognize the foster families making a difference throughout Florida and encourage more caring adults to consider fostering to support vulnerable children and their families during their greatest time of need.

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