Summer can offer a welcome break for kids after a long school year, but it can also be hard for families. Less access to books and learning resources, healthy foods, social activities and support can lead to learning losses, food insecurity and social isolation.

Throughout the summer, CHS remains dedicated to bridging this resource gap for children and families, transforming the season into one of opportunities instead of setbacks. By addressing these challenges today, we strengthen children and families and create a strong foundation for everyone’s future.

Building BRIDGES to Summer Reading Success

Lack of regular access to books and learning activities during the summer break can cause children to lose 2-3 months of academic progress*, impacting those in under-resourced neighborhoods the most, where learning gaps are more pronounced. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

The BRIDGES program, a partnership between CHS and the Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County, connects families with support and resources to help them raise strong, healthy children who are ready to learn. The Summer Reading Program is a free 6-week program offered in English and Spanish that provides families with strategies and information to support their children’s reading during the summer months. Community members joined participating families to learn about the importance of reading, healthy milestones for speech and tips to help kids fall in love with books!

group of children in graduation caps and downs and a group of children enjoying a reading presentation

In celebration of their hard work and dedication, children and families, accompanied by CHS team members, visited Lion Country Safari. For many of the families, it was their first time visiting a theme park. We are so excited to have shared this experience with them!

a mother and son pose with their heads inside lion cutouts. A group gathers in a front of a picture of rhinos.

Learn more about how BRIDGES is helping children and families build bridges to success.


Exploring Emotions Through Art

Keystone Heights Junior/Senior High School, A Community Partnership School, hosted an impactful art therapy experience for children and adults in the community this summer. Participants learned how to creatively express their emotions and use their unique strengths to overcome challenges. We’re grateful for the opportunity to provide fun, safe, and educational activity for families, fostering togetherness and equipping them with valuable coping skills for everyday life.

a group of students make art at a table. an abstract art print.

Learn more about the Community Partnership Schools movement and how you can get involved.

Building Foundations for a Bright Future with Early Head Start

The first three years of a child’s life are a few of the most important – in fact, 80% of brain development is complete by age 3. Early Head Start empowers parents to be their child’s first teacher and helps them build a strong foundation for their child’s future. From rolling over and saying their first words to transitioning into preschool, Early Head Start is there!

Parents receive a wealth of resources and support: personalized one-on-one guidance, bi-monthly FamilyTime gatherings, ongoing assessments to track key developmental milestones and school readiness, and access to qualified professionals on nutrition, behavior, and overall development. But most importantly, parents learn how to nurture and strengthen their relationship with their child.

We are so proud of our children and families who completed the program this summer and can’t wait to see where the future takes them!

Early Head Start graduates and families


Learn more about how the Early Head Start Program is shaping our future generations.

Did you Know …
Early Head Start in Central Florida has lots of hands-on volunteer opportunities! If you’re ready to read with children, share your love of art, or help celebrate cultural activities, let us know!

Legacy Makers

It’s only because of our amazing do-gooders like you CHS has been able to change children’s lives for 120 years! Affectionately referred to as our “Legacy Makers,” these individuals, families, partners, businesses and organizations have devoted their time, energy, and financial resources to help children cross bridges to success. Though there are countless Legacy Makers whose contributions are immeasurable, we are proud to introduce you to some of our bridge-builders.

Carolyn Dixon

Carolyn Dixon

Carolyn Dixon fondly recalls the value of a picture frame from her childhood; each photo held special meaning due to their scarcity. One of the few picture frames in her home was an oval frame that held a photo of Marcus “Daddy” Fagg, a key figure in Children’s Home Society of Florida’s history, credited with shaping the organization as we know it today. He offered Carolyn’s family a chance when her grandmother, Florence, a young widow struggling to support her children, was employed by CHS as a dressmaker and he remained key figure in their lives for many years.

Decades later, Carolyn and her husband adopted two children through CHS and raised them in the Pine Hills community of Orlando. When Evans High School, the alma mater of Ms. Carolyn’s children transformed into a Community Partnership School, she “re-fell” in love with the organization that already meant so much to her family … for nearly 100 years.

Read the full story of Ms. Carolyn’s amazing journey and her lifelong connection to CHS here.

Know Your IRA Options

various happy children
Know Your IRA Options. For a long time IRAs had two purposes - deposit money in and, when retired, take money out. Congress has expanded your opportunities and ability to save money with your IRA distributions. Know your options before you do anything with your IRA.

Reduce Taxes on Your Individual Retirement Account’s (IRA) Required Minimum Distribution

Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity:
Receive fixed income for life by using your IRA’s qualified charitable distribution to create a charitable gift annuity. You can donate up to $50,000 in 2023 and have payments made to you and/or your spouse.

Help Children Monthly or Annually:
Continue to help children with your required minimum distribution. Call your IRA administrator and ask them to gift all or part to Children’s Home Society of Florida. Click here for more details and an IRA request form.

Both options can reduce the taxes on your income and are also good if you do not itemize. If you have questions or would like more details on either options, Casey Schroder can assist. Please contact her by email or cell (321) 558-4034.

Thank you for all you do to change the lives of children. With you, our children and their families will not have to face tough times alone.

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