Amanda and Christopher enrolled in Children’s Home Society of Florida’s (CHS) Early Head Start program (EHS) when their first child was just three months old. As a first-time mom, Amanda didn’t know a lot about child development and early school readiness. She leaned on her EHS home visitor, Sandra, for education and encouragement to track baby’s growth.

As Amanda and Christopher welcomed two more children, they continued to find support and guidance with Early Head Start and Sandra.

Last year, Amanda recognized her youngest son wasn’t reaching a key milestone – walking. With the knowledge she gained from Early Head Start, Amanda knew their family wouldn’t face this challenge alone.

With CHS’ Early Head Start, Amanda worked with her home visitor and a child development specialist to advocate for her child’s needs. She was connected with occupational therapist and a team of helping hands — most importantly, Amanda found her voice to advocate for her child.

Amanda is patient with her son’s developmental delays and continues to use all the tools and techniques she learned with Sandra.

“I saw tremendous growth over the years of working with Amanda,” said Sandra. “She shows great love and patience for her children. She is open to learning different techniques and ideas to help her children grow, learn and reach their full potential.”

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