Children’s Home Society of Florida (CHS) is celebrating 120 years of devoted service to children and families. Founded on November 17, 1902, CHS was established as a child welfare society focused on placing children in safe, loving healthy homes.

Before the invention of bubble gum or the Model T. Ford, CHS was uniting Florida residents to come to the aid of vulnerable children. Throughout the decades, the organization leveraged its legacy and influence to secure rights and welfare laws for children nationwide including the development of U.S. compulsory education and child labor laws.

Recognized as a national leader in child well-being and trauma-informed care, CHS continues to lead the way in identifying and addressing key issues facing Florida’s children and families. While remaining true to roots in child welfare, CHS has evolved to also deliver early childhood programs and in-home solutions that stabilize and strengthen families.

Though CHS continues to serve child welfare through specialized adoption support and foster care licensing, the local focus has greatly evolved to empower families on the front end. Through CHS’ Healthy Families program, which supports parents and caregivers with children ages birth to five, for example, nearly 100 percent of families remain safely intact and out of the foster care system.collage with photos of children and families

CHS is a renowned provider of mental health care including counseling. The organization provides youth outreach to at-risk and homeless youth, as well as mentoring and in-school solutions such as the innovative Community Partnership Schools™ model.

CHS is a core partner in 27 Community Partnership Schools™ models throughout Florida – more than any other entity in the state. CHS and the model are transforming outcomes for students from Pensacola to Miami.

“Children’s Home Society of Florida’s founding and longevity would not have been possible without community support,” said Andry Sweet, Children’s Home Society of Florida President & CEO. “Under the guidance of Rev. D.W. Comstock and then the inspiring leadership of Marcus C. Fagg, it took community partnerships, friends, volunteers and do-gooders coming together to make new opportunities for children who otherwise would not have had safe, stable homes. Today, we continue to inspire good and create opportunities for children to realize their full potential.”

Today, Children’s Home Society of Florida serves more than 60,000 children and family members throughout the state each year. Looking forward to the next 120 years, the organization offers several opportunities to get involved and become a part of CHS’ storied history. To learn more visit