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Share your GOOD!

We want to celebrate YOU and the unique role you play in CHS’ 120-year legacy. Did you spend part (or all!?) of your career serving families as a CHS team member? Did you make it possible for us to advance our mission through your generous gifts? Have you been one of our amazing volunteers or board members who has been part of building bridges to success for children? Or are you a family we have had the privilege of supporting? We want to hear from (and feature!) YOU!

Share your story, submit photos and videos to CHS, and you may see them featured on our social media channels, statewide updates and more!

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Inspiring GOOD through the decades… Before the invention of bubble gum, Children’s Home Society of Florida was helping children grow up in safe, loving homes. 1910- CHS Superintendent Marcus “Daddy” Fagg was an active contributor to the writing, editing and passage of several child welfare laws including the Child Labor Law, the Compulsory Education Law and the Wife Desertion Law. In 1925, the mechanical television was invented and Children’s Home Society of Florida had three locations – Jacksonville, Pensacola and Miami. In the 1930s, a loaf of bread cost 9¢ and Children’s Home Society of Florida first went into schools, helping to secure medical and dental exams, as well as hearing and vision tests for children. We continue this work today through the Community Partnership Schools™ model. By the time Walt Disney World opened in 1971, Children’s Home Society of Florida was providing a variety of services – including counseling and early childhood, services for developmentally delayed and disabled children and parent education courses -- in all 67 Florida Counties. In 2022, Children’s Home Society of Florida celebrates 120 years of devoted service to children and families across the sunshine state.

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Innovation in action

Life after Adoption | National Adoption Month

November is National Adoption Month – the perfect time to shine a light on adoptive families and their journey. Anna was adopted through CHS in 1962. Today she is a mother of four, piano teacher and performer. She says she owes this all to her adoptive parents who raised her and her biological mother who […]

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Remembering Mary Virginia Terry

Let us honor the life and legacy of Mary Virginia Terry. Mrs. Terry, or “Miss Ginnie” to the children of Children’s Home Society of Florida, has left a legacy of love in Jacksonville, along with her late husband, Mr. C Herman Terry. Whether Mrs. Terry was giving for the balloons that made little Joseph’s eyes […]

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Celebrating our Veterans!

Today and always we recognize our team members, family members and neighbors who have served in our United States Armed Forces. Steadfast in doing GOOD, they make a difference for not only the 52,000 kids and family members we serve throughout Florida, but our nation as a whole. Thank you for your sacrifice and your […]

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