One of the greatest joys of parenthood is watching your baby grow, play and learn, but it’s natural to wonder if your baby is on track with their development.

September is national Baby Safety Awareness Month — the perfect time to remind families that recognizing baby’s key milestones can play a key role in keeping infants safe from harm.

At Children’s Home Society of Florida (CHS) we want to remind you that babies and toddlers grow and develop at their own pace. But certain milestones should be tracked so you can identify any concerns early and receive the right support for your family.

Six important ages and stages include:

  • Three months: Your baby can push up their head and chest when laying on their tummy. They watch faces and objects, and respond to sounds, touches and coos — moving their body actively in response to voices and chuckles. They kick and move their hands.
  • Six Months: Your baby can roll from stomach to back and has good head control. They can laugh, reach and grasp, and move toys from hand to hand. They can sit up but still need support.
  • Nine Months: Your baby can pull themselves up. They can stand while holding on and feed themselves finger foods. They can throw and look for hidden toys as a game, and imitate “ooh” and “ahh” sounds.
  • 12 Months: Your baby says “mama”, “baba” or “dada,” waves and enjoys being read to. They can stand and follow simple directions like “please come here.”
  • 15 Months: Your baby walks! Curious, they will start to explore on their own. They can help get dressed by holding out their arms and legs and they can four or five words.
  • 18 Months: Your baby knows names of things and people and plays alongside other children. They can squat to pick up their toys and will begin to play pretend.

If baby isn’t meeting developmental milestones, the potential for accidents and dangerous risks increases.

Each stage of development presents new challenges, celebrations and opportunities to bond with baby.

At CHS, we are here to support and offer the best services to help you feel prepared throughout each giggle, grasp and first steps.

All CHS Early Childhood programs are free, convenient and tailored to each family’s unique needs.

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