COVID-19 has changed the way we work and live over the last few weeks. These transitions can be difficult, but CHS Wellness is here to help YOU navigate our “new normal” until we can safely return to our offices and everyday life.

We’ve outlined a few tips to help you “do GOOD!” from home while adjusting to being your child or teen’s teacher, too!

  • Breathe
    You might not have it all together and that’s ok. It’s going to take some time. We are all here to help.
  • Inform
    Let your kids know what’s going on. Talk to them about the changes so they know what they can expect.
  • Schedule
    If you can, build a family schedule. Try and group similar activities in both of your schedules together. For example, you both have to eat lunch. Maybe you need silent time (you for your work, your kids for reading). See if you can schedule similar activities together. It’ll help streamline your work but also let you spend time together.
  • Create time blocks
    If your kids are young enough to take naps, try and make nap times a devoted work block for yourself. If your kids are getting ‘recess’ time outside for an hour, consider scheduling your conference calls during those periods.
  • Split duties (if you can!)
    If you can, set a rotating “shift” schedule with your spouse or partner so you can split “kids duty” in an efficient way. Perhaps, you’re “on” for two hours, then they are, rotating throughout the day, allowing you each at least 4 hours of devoted work time independent of your kiddos!
  • Vocalize
    Be transparent and open with your fellow team members and supervisor, and let them know what your home situation and current barriers look like. We are all going through this COVID-19 transition together, and understand the new atmospheres we’re working through. Communicating these things will help us bridge the gap, rather than ensuing stress.