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Expecting a baby can be very emotional

You may be excited, yet nervous about what’s to come. Filled with joy, yet also filled with the fear of not knowing what to expect.

Healthy Start is here for you. This free, voluntary program offers compassionate support and resources to pregnant women – many referred by their physician – and families with newborns.



What to expect

In the comfort of your home, our caring and professional Home Visitors provide guidance and encouragement as you prepare for the birth of your baby. After you bring home your newborn, we’re there by your side to coach you through the challenges and celebrate the milestones.

You’ll also receive:

  • Support and guidance as you learn to care for yourself (and your developing baby!) during pregnancy
  • Care coordination
  • Referrals to childbirth education classes
  • Connections to community
  • Guidance as you prepare your home for a new baby
  • Support and resources to obtain safe sleeping arrangements for your baby
  • Developmental screenings for your baby
  • Continued support up to three years after your child is born

Who qualifies?

Pregnant women in  Duval, St. Johns, Leon, Wakulla and Santa Rosa counties who meet specific criteria.

Through compassionate, professional support, Healthy Start serves pregnant women and provides parental education and guidance until baby turns 3. Moms learn to care for themselves and their babies during pregnancy, and receive one-on-one lactation support, as well as support to secure safe sleeping arrangements for baby, developmental screenings and more so families can build safe, strong and healthy foundations.

Even if you didn’t participate in the program during your pregnancy, your baby may qualify, as babies are screened for Healthy Start services at birth.

Innovation in action

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