April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month, a time to raise awareness about child abuse and neglect, and to educate communities and families about how to prevent it. Sadly, a child is abused or neglected every 48 seconds in America*. And rates of child abuse and neglect are 5x higher for children in families struggling to afford basic needs.^

This can lead to long-term negative effects for children and our communities – emotional and psychological trauma, chronic illness, substance abuse, lower educational attainment – and the cycle then continues.

But at the Children’s Home Society of Florida, we’re working hard to stop this from happening. Through comprehensive family support services, educational programs, and community outreach initiatives that strengthen and empower families we can prevent crises before they occur – creating safe, healthy environments where children can thrive.

And we couldn’t do it without help from people like you! Whether you volunteer, donate, or help spread the word, you’re making a meaningful impact. Together, we can nurture families and craft brighter futures for children in our community.

Strengthening Families with CHS’ Healthy Families Program

Babies don’t come with instructional manuals – when you’re a new parent, it can be overwhelming, confusing and, sometimes a bit scary. That’s why CHS’ Healthy Families program is here to provide parents and caregivers with essential resources and support, so they never have to navigate the parenting journey alone.

mother holding toddler boy

Our home visitors help parents understand their child’s growth and development, guide them in helping their child meet developmental milestones, teach positive parenting skills, and more. This leads to healthier family dynamics, improved parenting skills, and reduced stress


The result – Nearly 100% of families that complete our Healthy Families program remain safely together – and out of foster care, creating stronger, brighter futures for kids and communities.


group of pregnant women and women holding babies
father carries young boy on his shoulder while mother walks beside them on playground


Learn more about Healthy Families keeps families strong and together.

The Impact of CHS’ Children’s Advocacy Center on Breaking Abuse Cycles

CHS’ Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) in Greater Lakeland plays a pivotal role in breaking cycles of abuse and neglect by providing a nurturing environment for young victims of abuse. At the CAC, children who have experienced abuse or neglect find a safe and supportive space where they can openly talk about their experiences. This environment is crucial for their healing journey, as it allows them to feel heard, understood, and supported by trained professionals who specialize in working with child victims.

With a mission to protect children, the CAC minimizes the need for multiple interviews, ensuring children don’t have to relive their traumatic experiences. By bringing together multidisciplinary teams, including law enforcement, child protection services, medical professionals, and mental health providers, the CAC ensures that children only have to share their story once in a child-friendly and non-threatening setting.

group of people holding blue pinwheels

Additionally, they offer comprehensive support services, including counseling, medical care, and crisis intervention, for children and families. These services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each child and family, addressing both the immediate and long-term effects of abuse or neglect. By providing a continuum of care and support, the CAC helps children heal from their trauma and empowers them to break free from the cycle of abuse.

Last year, 1,534 local children received hope and healing through CHS’ Children’s Advocacy Center. Through its compassionate and holistic approach, the CAC helps children heal from their trauma and works towards a future where every child is safe and protected.

Learn more about the Children’s Advocacy Center here.

Craft Brighter Futures for Child Abuse Prevention Month

We’re halfway through Child Abuse Prevention Month, and your support has been inspiring! Whether you have joined us from your home or workplace, crafted a pinwheel, shared a message of support, or given a gift – we THANK YOU for showing your support for strengthening families and providing happy, healthy homes for all children.

And remember, it’s not too late to join in!

Invest in Brighter Futures:
Every dollar invested contributes to vital help for children and families — from counseling and parent education to mentorship and emergency services. Every donation made from now through the end of April will be matched up to $10,000 – DOUBLING your impact!! Visit chsfl.org/helpchildren to give today.

Purchase items from our Amazon Wishlist:
Prevention is not merely about avoiding crises — it’s about fostering resilience. You can purchase items from our wish list and contribute to families’ most urgent needs today. Visit chsfl.org/helpchildren to donate.

3 women wearing blue displaying a pinwheel garden

Craft a Pinwheel:
Pinwheels are the national symbol for child abuse prevention; they represent the happy, healthy childhoods we wish for all children.

Visit chsfl.org/helpchildren for instructions to craft your pinwheel.

Spread the Word:
Follow @HelpFLKids on social media. Like, comment and share posts to generate conversation and support for Child Abuse Prevention. Be sure to tag @HelpFLKids in pictures of your pinwheels to help spread the word! You can also still download a poster for your workplace at chsfl.org/helpchildren.

Together, we’re crafting brighter futures, one pinwheel at a time!

Celebrating Our Volunteers

During National Volunteer Appreciation Week, April 21-27, 2024, we look forward to recognizing all the GOOD our volunteers do for kids in our communities. Through back-to-school and holiday drives, remote service projects, hands-on activities, clean-up days and MUCH more, they go above and beyond to ensure every child has the opportunity to realize their full potential.

group of people around a table making jars

All CHS volunteers, past and present, are invited to join us for a fun, interactive virtual volunteer appreciation event.

CHS Volunteer Appreciation Virtual Event

Tuesday, April 23 – 9:30 to 10 a.m. or Wednesday, April 24 – 3 to 3:30 p.m.

We can’t wait to celebrate our volunteers!

group of volunteers gathered around a pile of gifts
Group of volunteers with racks and garbage bags under a cluster of trees

Learn about more ways to get involved here.

 2022-2023 Annual Impact Report

The 2022-2023 Annual Impact Report is now available! The Annual Impact Report provides a snapshot of all the GOOD you have helped CHS achieve in the past year. Because of you, 80,000+ children and families received hope, stability, and opportunity!

Read the full report here.

120 Years of Good

Taxes on your mind?

Would you like to reduce your taxes?

Tax laws have been created to help you lower your taxable income. We have charitable tools that can help reduce taxes and create income for life.

  • Donate and repurchase GIFT OF STOCK:  If you have stock that has increased in value, avoid capital gains taxes by donating them (instead of cash) and receive a tax deduction.  If you repurchase the stock, you could save on future capital gains taxes. For more details click here.
  • Receive income for life with a CHARITABLE GIFT ANNUITY: You can create a gift annuity, receive a tax deduction and income payments for life. This can be a good option to supplement your retirement. For more details click here.
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  • Going to sell property, a business or other investment, consider a CHARITABLE REMAINDER UNITRUST: Before selling, put your investments in a Unitrust. You will receive a tax deduction, save on capital gains taxes, and receive income for life. For more details click here.

Often the threat of higher taxes makes big news, but ways of lowering them do not. For charitable ideas that can help you and your financial advisor meet your goals and minimize taxes, call or email Casey Schroder at (321) 558-4034 or casey.schroder@chsfl.org or click here to view more options to help meet your goals.

If you have already created a Legacy of GOOD that includes Children’s Home Society of Florida in your will or other plans, Thank You! Please contact Casey to ensure your gift helps children the way you want it to.

Join Us at an Upcoming Event!

two women smile at a fundraising event

We have so many exciting events planned this spring, and we want to see YOU there! Your involvement directly contributes to counseling, early learning and school-based programs, child welfare and parental support services, and more, directly impacting the children and families in your community.

Together, we can create brighter futures for children and empower families to stay safe, strong, and together.

For more information on all the events below, visit our Events page.

Sharing a Slice of Love
April 8, 2024 – July 8, 2024 ★ Multiple Pizza Hut Locations

For the Love of Children 5K and Fun Run
April 20, 2024 ★ Okeeheelee Park, West Palm Beach

FORE the Children Golf Tournament
April 26, 2024 ★ Celebration Golf Club, Celebration

Chefs’ Taste of Home
April 27, 2024 ★ Downtown Tallahassee

Open the Door to Adoption
May 4, 2024 ★ The Junior League Building, Lakeland

19th Annual Soundside Splendor
May 5, 2024 ★ Portofino Island Resort, Pensacola

An Evening of Taste
May 18, 2024 ★ Jacksonville Golf and Country Club