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Contact Us

Main Office

1010 East Rose Street

Lakeland, FL 33801

(863) 413-3126

Executive Director

Summer Pfeiffer


Dan Berman

Administrative Supervisor

Bridget Gilmore

Volunteers, gifts in-kind and community presentations & outreach

Kara Kerlin

CHS Events in
Greater Lakeland

Community Partnership School Investment Campaign

March 1, 2022 - June 30, 2025

Event Details

Services Offered


We’ve been bringing families together through adoption since 1902.

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Overwhelmed? Anxious? Angry? Sad? Struggling to make it through another day? Counseling services through CHS can provide the help you’ve been longing for – for yourself, your child and your family. We all face challenges … and that’s OK. CHS empowers you to work through and overcome the roadblocks holding you back from realizing your […]

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Children’s Advocacy Centers

Many kids who’ve suffered abuse or neglect find their first glimmer of hope at our Child Advocacy Center.

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Targeted Case Management

Support for children and adults with behavioral and emotional struggles.

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Parents as Partners Support Group

The goal of the Parents as Partners Support group is to provide support and guidance for parents who are involved in the child welfare system and working to reunify with their children. Through this program, we work to prepare parents for reunification and to help ensure their children do not re-enter the child welfare system.

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Child Protection Team

The Child Protection Team serves the entire family. While the focus is on the child’s health, safety and emotional well-being, we also understand that the healing process involves the whole family. Our team is sensitive to children’s physical and emotional pain and works closely with local officials to help ensure children’s safety and to connect […]

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Child Welfare

Just as important, we lead the way in changing how we serve children and families.

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Therapeutic Visitation Services

Therapeutic Visitation Services help  provide the utmost support throughout your sessions as we help you strengthen your family bond.

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CARE Services

The CARE Program (Community Assistance and Resource Educators) provides families and individuals support both  in and outside of the home.

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Local Board

  • Dr. Amy Bratten, Chair
    • Provost, Polk State College
  • Clint Rhoton, Vice Chair
    • Associate Risk Advisor, BKS Partners
  • Marie Wilmot, Secretary
    • Office Manager, Florida Industrial and Phosphate Research Institute
  • Ginny Aycock
    • Sales Manager, Boring IT & Print Solutions
  • Dawn Chapman
    • Child Advocate
  • Allison Fox
    • Assistant State Attorney
  • Mandy Hurtt
    • Faculty, Polk State College
  • J.C. Martin
    • Winter Haven Sun
  • Dr. Nate Pearson
    • Dean College of Behavioral & Social Sciences, Southeastern University
  • Scott Sloman
    • Talent Buyer, Straz Center for the Performing Arts
  • Mary Terry
    • Operations Manager, Lakeland Volunteers in Medicine