Rachael joined Children’s Home Society of Florida’s Healthy Families program during one of the most difficult and unstable times in her life. Shortly after enrolling, the instability became overwhelming and her children were removed from her custody and placed in foster care.

It broke Rachael’s spirit to know that others were taking care of her children — parenting her babies while she was not even allowed to be in the room while they visited the pediatrician.

Rachael’s Family Support Specialist (FSS) with CHS Healthy Families saw her heart break. But she also saw something else – the unwavering commitment of a mother’s love.

Rachael wanted to be there for her children and in their lives, and that is what she set her mind and actions to do. For the next 5 months, Rachael rode the bus twice a week to make sure she wouldn’t miss a chance to visit with her children. She attended weekly counseling sessions and worked to maintain stable employment — all striving for a better life for her and her kids.

Healthy Families and Rachael’s FSS gave her hope to make it successfully down the hard road she had been on. Her FSS was both her coach and champion, providing her the needed support to ultimately realize her full potential. With her CHS Healthy Families, Rachael learned how to manage stress and create health routines for her family. She has stayed committed and engaged in the Healthy Families program continuing to meet with her FSS each week to learn new strategies and find a listening ear to support her.

After a long and difficult road, she stayed determined to be reunited with her children. Finally, that day came. Rachael is thrilled to be once again with her children and is doing wonderfully. She has moved into a safe apartment with her girls and they are beyond joyful to be together.

Ultimately it was her unconditional love and determination that brought her to the end of a long road: reunited as a family.

Children’s Home Society of Florida is tremendously proud of all of Rachael’s successes.

If you know someone that could benefit from the support of CHS’ Early Childhood programs like Healthy Families, please refer them to us today. No family should face their darkest days alone. We’re here to help.