Shewendlie transferred to Evans High School, A Community Partnership School, in the middle of her sophomore year – at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Her stress triggered frequent panic attacks, making it impossible to focus on anything else. She was terrified … she knew she needed help. Thankfully, ShewendIie found hope and help when she was introduced to her counselor – Ms. Sandra with Children’s Home Society of Florida.

Through regular counseling sessions with Ms. Sandra, Shewendlie learned to manage her anxiety and develop strategies to cope with her new environment. Thanks to resources provided by the Community Partnership School, she overcame her anxiety and also become an active participant on campus, holding leadership positions in several clubs.

As Shewendlie prepares to graduate, she is grateful for the support she received from CHS and is proud to share her testimony because she believes every student should have access to the resources that reshaped her future.

“I have become stronger than my attacks, and now I am ready to take on my next challenge. As I graduate Evans, I  believe every student should have the resources provided by the Community Partnership Schools. Every student should have a Ms. Sandra and the opportunity to realize their full potential.” – Shewendlie