Isaac’s behavior issues began in preschool. He would flip tables over, knock chairs down and he struggled to stay on task. When Isaac started kindergarten, he refused to follow instructions, could not manage his anger and did not get along with his peers, making it impossible for him to focus on learning. Thankfully, through the Community Partnership School at OCPS ACE, Isaac and his teacher had an entire team ready to wrap support around them.

Isaac began participating in a social skills group led by the Community Partnership School team focused on social and emotional learning. Gradually, Isaac’s behavior began to change. He learned to self-regulate and manage his emotions. His focus and determination improved. Instead of shutting down emotionally, Isaac learned to use his words to verbalize and express his needs and feelings.

Isaac quickly emerged as a leader in the classroom – he encourages other students and works diligently to complete his school work.  “Isaac has made a complete 180,” recalls his kindergarten teacher, Ms. Daniels. “With the support of the Community Partnership School team, Isaac learned the social emotional learning skills he needs to focus on academics and success.”

The Community Partnership School at OCPS Academic Center for Excellence brings together high-quality academics, health care, counseling, support, mentoring and more—all where students and their families are comfortable: in their own school. Core partnerships include Orange County Public Schools, Orange Blossom Family Health, University of Central Florida, Boys & Girls Club of Central Florida, Rosen Foundation and Valencia College. To learn more, contact Jania Fuller, Community Partnership School Director.