For many, summer signifies a break from usual routines: summer vacations, beach days and BBQs, and a break from school for kids. Summer is also a time of transitions: the end of the fiscal year at many companies and the start of a new school year. Sometimes these breaks and transitions are a welcome respite, sometimes they cause stress and anxiety. Sometimes we all need a little help and support along the way, and a little courage to keep going.

During this time of transitions and new beginnings, we celebrate the children and families who have shown bravery while navigating tough life transitions on their journeys to achieve stability, strength, and happiness.

Jessica and Brian’s Journey to Recovery and Reunification

father, mother, and 3 young children pose for a holiday portrait

When families can remain safe, strong and together children in our communities have more chances to thrive. While CHS helps thousands of children remain safely at home through our prevention programs, we also partner with families involved in the foster care system so they can safely reunite with their children. Children like Journey, whose parents, Jessica and Brian, embarked on a journey of recovery and reunification after battling addiction. Through perseverance, determination, and the support of CHS, Jessica and Brian triumphed over adversity and rebuilt their family.

For two years, Jessica and Brian committed themselves wholeheartedly to the process of reunification. They worked tirelessly to overcome personal battles, participating in rehabilitation programs, counseling sessions, and support groups. It was challenging, but their love for Journey served as a powerful motivation.

Jessica and her husband received invaluable support from CHS and the Guardian ad Litem Program; Mary, their case worker, played a vital role in guiding the family through the complex process of reunification. Her compassion, expertise, and unwavering belief in their potential were instrumental in helping Jessica and Brian navigate overwhelming challenges.

“We would have never gotten Journey back if it wasn’t for everybody fighting for us as hard as they did,” said Jessica.

Read their inspiring story here.

Independent and Transitional Living Equips Teens with Valuable Life Skills

Through our independent and transitional living programs, we empower youth in foster care and young adults transitioning out of foster care to pursue purposeful and fulfilling futures as they realize their full potential.

Working with our dedicated professionals, youth receive support as they learn valuable life skills to prepare for a successful future. Teens receive guidance related to housing, education and job training, goal setting, and general life skills – like cooking.

two teenagers smiling with desserts they made

In our Transitional Living Program, which provides housing and life skills training to 18- to 22-year-olds facing homelessness, cooking classes are just one way residents learn practical skills for the future.

Young adults who participate in transitional living also receive safe, stable housing as they prepare for their future.

Learn more about how our Independent and Transitional Living Programs help open doors to adulthood. 

Teen Outreach Program Celebrates Seniors

Our Teen Outreach Program helps teens see – and realize – their incredible potential. Focused on building self-esteem, fostering healthy decision-making, and enhancing educational success, life skills, leadership abilities and relationships, the Teen Outreach Program strives to instill healthy behaviors while providing teens with a sense of purpose.

Earlier this summer, we hosted our 4th annual Teen Outreach Program Senior Send-Off, celebrating 32 graduating seniors. Each teen received essential items to help support and enhance their college and career journeys ahead, including brand new laptops and printers thanks to a generous donation from Granite Telecommunications.

We couldn’t be prouder of these extraordinary teens, and we can’t wait to see what their future holds!

4 teens smile at the camera while holding their certificates

Learn more about how the Teen Outreach Program encourages teens to find their purpose.

Help Students Thrive Inside and Outside the Classroom

School Stock Up - Purchase Supplies that help students thrive inside and outside the classroom

For many families in our community, back-to-school means more than back to the classroom. It means back to resources. This summer, you can make sure kids return to school with the supplies they need to thrive inside and outside the classroom.

Interested in participating?

Host a Supply Drive – Lack of basic necessities. Depression. Homelessness. Barriers to learning come in many different forms. You can break down these obstacles for local students by hosting a supply drive within your community or organization.

Purchase Supplies from an Amazon Wish List – In less than three minutes with just a few clicks of your mouse, you can connect students in your community with resources they need to have a successful school year.

Sponsor a Student at a Community Partnership School – Just $0.96/day can have a lasting impact on a student’s life.

YOU can make a difference! Visit the Back to School Drive event page for all the details.

Tips to Ease Back-to-School Anxiety

two students walk up the stairs holding hands

Did you know that when school starts back up, sessions between students and Children’s Home Society of Florida counselors nearly double? If left untreated, anxiety and other mental health challenges can have a significant impact on a student’s classroom behavior, academic performance and social interactions. For many children – especially those with existing mental health and behavioral challenges – adult support and understanding can help. Additionally, building a stable, daily routine and creating structure can help minimize stress for children as well as families.

For more tips to help children find support, as well as a full list of signs and symptoms to look for, visit Children’s Home Society of Florida offers tips to ease back to school anxiety.

If you or someone you know is struggling with back-to-school anxiety, CHS is here to help! We provide counseling in multiple formats, including meeting with children and families in homes, in schools, in offices and online via Telehealth. To find out more, visit

National Make-A-Will Month

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Why is August National Make-A-Will Month? …to remind us how important a will is for us and our loved ones.

Why do we need a reminder to make or update our will?

  1. I’m too busy, so need the reminder.
  2. I don’t know where or how to start.
  3. I have plenty of time, since I plan to live to 120 years old.
  4. Insert your really good reason here ____________________.

Why do you need to have a will?

  1. I have loved ones I want to take care of.
  2. I have favorite things I want to give to my loved ones.
  3. If I don’t have one, the state will decide who gets my things.
  4. Insert your really good reason to have a will here _______________.

You can make this easier, with the help of an attorney. When choosing one, did you know you can ask for a free, initial consultation? If you want recommendations, please email Casey Schroder, Director of Donor Relations & Gift Planning at or call her cell (321) 558-4034.

To help get you started, click here to access your free planning guide. Take this information to your attorney. You will be doing GOOD things for those you love.

Please also consider creating your personal Legacy of GOOD by including a gift in your will to Children’s Home Society of Florida Foundation, Inc. (EIN 59-3055343). If you have already created one, or would like to discuss your goals, contact Casey at or (321) 558-4034, to ensure your gift helps children the way you would like it to.

Enjoy your planning journey!