“With almost 50 years of of family history with CHS, we look fondly upon the organization,” Joy, a CHS volunteer, shares. Joy and Sydney Ashlock — a mother and daughter duo — have a special place in their hearts for volunteering with CHS.

Joy’s long passion for CHS began after her brother’s adoption through CHS. Because of her experience and her love for her brother, Joy wanted to give back since CHS gave so much to her family. It wasn’t long before Joy and her teenage daughter began their journey together as CHS volunteers.

“When you know you were lucky enough to have a stable environment, good parents, solid upbringing and have structure and stability … you really realize what a gift and advantage it is to have stability and structure,” Joy says.

Joy enjoys helping others find stability because she knows the importance it carries. She continues, “There is so much to be done in the world, so it can be overwhelming. If you just think, okay well I can focus on this [one thing], it might help in some little way.”

Inspired by her mom, Sydney founded “Highlanders for CHS,” a club devoted to helping CHS through volunteer efforts, at her high school. “I think when you are in high school, there is this pressure that you have to have a sport or something that is going to get you into college. Nothing really worked out for me because I never found something that I was excited about going to until I realized I could have a club and devote my time to it,” Sydney shares.

Each year, Sydney and Joy work together as a mother-daughter duo, and also through “Highlanders for CHS,” to put on several donation drives, including a therapy game drive and baby shower drive.

Joy passionately shares this piece of advice for those on the fence about volunteering: “You are a piece of a puzzle toward the same goal. So, if you do your piece, it makes you feel like you are lucky.”

And it truly does. Every minute, hour and day helps children and families realize their full potential. It just takes the courage to get out and begin.

If you are interested in volunteering like Joy and Sydney, view our volunteer opportunities here. You’ll find information about our in-person and virtual volunteer opportunities with CHS.