Over the past ten years, through a long-standing relationship with Children’s Home Society of Florida (CHS), CFL Pizza has raised more than $900,000 for children and families in Central Florida. CFL Pizza, LLC of Celebration Restaurant Group, owns and operates 101 Pizza Hut stores within Central Florida, and each store dedicates some of their time and passion every year to help CHS!

Since 2011, each year the stores have worked together to raise more money than the previous year, and they’ve have done just that. In the first year, CFL Pizza raised $15,000, and in 2021, the stores raised $90,000 to help keep families safe, strong and together! That is a lot of dough!

CFL Pizza’s support is not limited to in-store donations, they also work to give back to CHS beyond their front doors. Team members volunteer at events,, pack back-to-school backpacks for children and work on other projects for children and families.

As each year passes we are grateful for CFL Pizza’s time, donations and dedication to the children and families we partner with in the Central Florida community. We are incredibly thankful for this powerful partnership.

This may sound cheesy but we look forward  to them being a slice of the good to come in 2022.