Since 1902, Children’s Home Society of Florida has helped children and families by supporting and empowering parents to raise their children in healthy, nurturing homes. During National Child Abuse Prevention Month, we celebrate families working hard to break cycles of abuse and neglect, to create safe and stable homes for their kids, and to build brighter futures for children throughout our communities.

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Pinwheel garden outside Bartow CAC Office

The Bartow Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) recognized Child Abuse Prevention Month by wearing blue and creating a pinwheel garden.

Last year, 1,100+ children received hope and healing through CHS’ Children’s Advocacy Centers and Child Protection Teams

Creating Hope and Healing for Young Survivors

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Our Children’s Advocacy Centers & Child Protection Teams work around the clock to help children cope with and overcome the trauma of frightening experiences, to educate the community about child abuse and neglect prevention, and to treat young abuse survivors.
CHS’ Children’s Advocacy Centers provide counseling, medical services and crisis intervention to help kids who’ve suffered find their first glimmer of hope. Our centers are a safe space for children to talk with trained counselors and forensic interviewers who are compassionate and sensitive to children’s physical and emotional pain.

But we can’t do this without you. Sadly, the demand for the critical services provided by the Children’s Advocacy Center is only increasing … and the need for these services is far greater than current funding allows.

Our local children need you now!

$125 funds 1 hour of individual therapy for a child survivor of abuse or neglect
$150 funds a forensic interview with a child survivor of abuse or neglect
$250 funds a medical evaluation for a child survivor of abuse or neglect
$750 funds a psychological evaluation for a child survivor of abuse or neglect

Take an inside look into our Child Advocacy Centers.

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SIX protective factors that can strengthen families and prevent child abuse 1. Nurturing & Attachment Healthy parent and child relationships are when and where children receive the love and respect that they need each day. 2. Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development Families need to know and understand that part of being a great parent is a natural instinct, but, part of it can be learned. 3. Parental Resilience Families who are strong and flexible are better able to deal with the many stresses of everyday parenting and life. 4. Social Connections All families need a network of trusted people; we all need good friends. 5. Concrete Supports Families need to meet their own basic needs for food, clothing, housing, and transportation as well as know how and where to obtain services that include childcare, health care and mental health services. 6. Social and Emotional Competence of Children Families teach skills that assist children in communicating their feelings, solving problems and interacting in a positive manner with other children and adults


Triumph and Hope with CHS’ Healthy Families Program

Parenting is tough – especially without a support system! CHS’ Healthy Families Program empowers parents and caregivers to build upon their strengths and provides a strong community of support and understanding along their parenting journey.

Nearly 100% of families that complete our Healthy Families program remain safely together — and out of foster care, creating stronger, brighter futures for kids and communities.

Verdana lost her job during the pandemic and soon after learned she would be welcoming her first baby into the world. She worried about her son’s future and how her family would stay together. With the help of the Healthy Families program, Verdana and her family found a strong support system to encourage them through their challenges and find the strength they needed. Today, the family is thriving and sharing their story of success so others might find the support they need.

Children's Home Society Foster Case Success News 6Watch their story here.

Interested in helping families like Lincoln’s? There are so many ways to help!

★ Donate – $225 can sponsor an entire family to participate in the Healthy Families program for one month
★ Host a Supply Drive – help babies bloom by showering new parents the vital tools needed to keep their little ones growing healthy and strong
★ Make a gift from our Wish Lists – contribute to our most urgent needs in just 3 easy steps



Legacy Makers

It’s only because of our amazing do-gooders like you CHS has been able to change children’s lives for 120 years! Affectionately referred to as our “Legacy Makers,” these individuals, families, partners, businesses and organizations have devoted their time, energy, and financial resources to help children cross bridges to success. Though there are countless Legacy Makers whose contributions are immeasurable, we are proud to introduce you to some of our bridge-builders.

Brian Crooke and wife smile with two young boys

Brian Crooke, Board Member, Volunteer and Donor

“CHS is near and dear to both my and Merry Anne’s hearts. As the beneficiary of CHS adoption services, Merry Anne recognizes and often reflects on the invaluable influence the organization had at her life’s onset. Together, we acknowledge the exponential impacts that CHS has had through the series of relationships and contributions she has made throughout life. From our perspectives, the recipients of this support did not halt with her or her proud parents, but stretched well beyond to life-long friends, a husband, and two wonderful boys. Therefore, we support CHS to show our appreciation and gratitude for the mission that has brought so much joy to us as well as the friends and family with whom we surround ourselves. More importantly, we support through active participation to ensure that our experience is replicated in the lives of others.”



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