“Healthy Families has helped me a lot — with information, diapers, things for my baby — it also helped me emotionally,” shares Serena, a mother of three.

Serena was deep in financial stress and felt alone with no one to turn to.

She wanted to provide the best for her children, but she struggled to feel confident in her role as a mother. She wanted to grow her confidence and parenting skills for her children and for herself.

Upon learning about CHS’ Healthy Families program, Serena thought it might give her the support and guidance to be the mom she wanted to be. The program helps parents navigate the rollercoaster of parenting and raising healthy children.

This is exactly what Serena found.

When Serena met her Family Support Worker, Alex, she was initially hesitant and unwilling to let someone into her and her family’s lives. But Serena longed to share her emotional stress and needs with someone, and after two months, she felt more comfortable and safe to open up. She and Alex had developed a trusting relationship.

Shortly after, Serena faced an extremely traumatic experience. Since Serena and Alex had a strong relationship, Alex partnered with Serena to help her though the trauma, process it and work to move forward.

During this time, Serena shared that she wanted and needed support from her family, and with Alex’s guidance, Serena worked to mend her relationship with her grandmother.

Serena has shown improvements and growth, both personally and as a mother. Through her partnership with Alex and CHS Healthy Families, she has improved her relationship with her children and found confidence to be the mom she had always wanted to be. She has applied the skills to strengthen her financial situation and uses her problem solving skills when issues from past traumas arise.

“I have received support and resources to help me as a parent. Although I had two kids already, I realized I was not doing things right, because I didn’t know how,” Serena reflects. “This has been a great help for raising my baby well. Also, I get to share things [with my Family Support Worker] that I can’t tell my family members or friends. I can talk about things without being judged or criticized.”

CHS Healthy Families is open to new parents or those who have a growing parent. CHS Healthy Families provides guidance and support when parenting can be overwhelming, confusing, and sometimes, a bit scary. Among families that complete the program, nearly 100% remain free from abuse or neglect, and they continue to pursue personal and family goals.

Last year alone, 18,399 children and family members participated in CHS early childhood programs, like Healthy Families. For more information our Early Childhood Programs like Healthy Families visit here.