Being a parent is exciting … scary … emotional … even confusing! Relax – we’re here to help you navigate this journey!

It probably seems like every new milestone brings new joy … and, sometimes, new challenges.

When your baby begins to crawl – and walk – it becomes a whole new ballgame! With your active little one exploring every corner, it’s time to prepare your home and take steps to keep baby safe.

Here are five key ways to help childproof your home:

  1. Tipovers are a leading cause of injury to children. Make sure televisions and furniture that can easily topple over, like bookcases and dressers, are secured to the wall.
  2. Cords connected to window blinds and home appliances can pose strangulation hazards to children. Keep cords tied up, out of reach, and away from cribs.
  3. Keep choking hazards out of reach, such as loose change, small refrigerator magnets and button batteries like those found in TV remotes or flameless candles, which can pose serious risk if ingested.
  4. Don’t hold your baby while cooking at the stove. Turn pot handles toward the back of the stove. Secure the oven door with an appliance latch.
  5. Thousands of children each year are poisoned or suffer eye injury from laundry and dishwasher detergent packets that are easily mistaken as candy by young children. Keep these packets out of reach of children or opt for more traditional detergent products.

Want more tips? An extra friend or support system? Our Healthy Families program may be just what you’re looking for! Learn more here.